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Last updated: February 7, 2024
Recover Deleted Gopro Files on Mac

How to Recover Deleted GoPro Files on Mac

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If you have just discovered that some important and valuable GoPro files have been deleted, don’t panic. There is a very good chance you can recover deleted GoPro videos and images if you act quickly and use the right tools. As long as the memory card is not physically damaged, you can often retrieve lost GoPro footage relatively painlessly.

We are going to present a method of performing GoPro file recovery on a Mac using Disk Drill data recovery software. This technique takes advantage of Disk Drill’s user-friendly interface that allows anyone to perform data recovery with a few clicks.

We will also cover some free GoPro data recovery software for those who are looking for free yet decent solutions.

Scenarios in Which GoPro Videos and Photos Can Be Recovered

You have a good chance to recover deleted GoPro files on your Mac in the following situations.

  • 😲 The photos or videos were accidentally deleted – If you or someone else has accidentally deleted data on the GoPros’s memory card, you can recover the lost data if you act quickly before it is overwritten by new videos or pictures.
  • 🧹 The GoPro memory card was formatted with the footage on it – Data recovery software can essentially unformat the memory card and retrieve deleted videos from GoPro if the items have not been overwritten.
  • 📛 SD card got corrupted – If the memory card is corrupted, it may be unreadable or unrecognized by your GoPro. You may also be faced with a RAW file system that needs to be repaired. Data recovery software may be able to get these lost images back.

Step-by-Step Guide for GoPro File Recovery on Mac

Now, let’s look at how to use file recovery software to retrieve deleted videos and images from a GoPro using your Mac computer. We’ll walk through the steps necessary to give you the highest probability of a successful recovery.

Step 1: Stop Using Your GoPro Camera

As soon as you discover you may have lost videos or images from your GoPro, you need to stop using the device. You can still use your HERO9, HERO10, or HERO11 to take more videos, but you need to immediately remove the memory card that contained the lost data or you risk overwriting it with new content.

Stop Using Your GoPro Camera

Once the data has been overwritten, it can only be recovered with a backup copy of the deleted files. If you must use your camera, change memory cards and keep the card with lost data available for recovery.

Step 2: Download and Install the Data Recovery Tool

The next step to recover deleted photos from GoPro is to download Disk Drill data recovery software to your Mac. We recommend Disk Drill because it supports the recovery of all GoPro file formats including MP4, HEVC, LRV, THM, and GPR. Disk Dill has proven to be an excellent tool for recovering deleted photos and videos on a Mac. It is also extremely user-friendly with an interface that enables recovery in just a few clicks. You don’t need to be a data recovery specialist to use this GoPro recovery software for Mac.

Download and Install the Data Recovery Tool

Disk Drill also supports recovery from all of the various types of memory cards used by GoPro models. You can recover lost photos and videos from any of the SD or MicroSD cards used in your GoPro.

You now have Disk Drill installed on your Mac. It’s time to start looking for your lost GoPro footage.

Step 3: Mount and Scan Your Memory Card

The next step is to mount your memory card on your Mac so it can be scanned by Disk Drill. You should use an external memory card reader or a built-in memory card slot if your Mac is equipped with one.

This is the preferred method rather than connecting the GoPro to your computer. It’s better to remove the memory card from the camera to eliminate the possibility that the data loss is due to an issue with the GoPro itself.

When you are ready and the card is connected and recognized by macOS, click the Search for lost data button to begin the scanning process. Disk Drill employs advanced scanning algorithms that will find everything on the memory card that can be recovered.

Mount and Scan Your Memory Card

Step 4: Recover Deleted GoPro Files

Once Disk Drill has scanned the memory card, you can assess the scan results to determine which files can be recovered. For the GoPro data you want to recover, you can look in the Video and Picture folders where recoverable files are listed. Select the files you want to recover and click the Recover button.

Recover Deleted GoPro Files

You will be asked to choose a location for the recovered files that are not on the same memory card you are using to recover data. You will get a warning if you try to use that device, and you should not ignore this advice. Using the affected memory card to store recovered data risks overwriting or corrupting the files you want to recover.

Tips to Keep Your GoPro Footage Safe

The following table lists some of the most effective methods of keeping your GoPro footage safe and avoiding the loss of valuable content.

Protective Method Benefits of this Method
👆 Do not interrupt the file transfer process. Interrupting the file transfer process can result in data loss and potential damage to your memory card.
💽 Back up your footage as often as possible. Backups can be instrumental in recovering lost GoPro footage if the memory card is physically damaged.
💾 Use high-quality and recommended memory cards. Always use top-quality memory cards that are recommended for use in your GoPro for the best results.
🧹 Format your memory card properly. Make sure you format the card properly before using it to store GoPro footage to avoid losing data.
🪶 Protect both the camera and memory card from physical damage. A physically damaged GoPro or its memory card cannot have lost data recovered via recovery software. Protecting it from physical damage is essential to protect your investment in the device and the footage you have captured.

How to Recover Deleted GoPro Files on Mac for Free

After exploring the method to recover GoPro files using Disk Drill, it’s worth noting that there are also no-charge alternatives for those who prefer not to invest in recovery software. Two notable tools in this arena are PhotoRec and TestDisk. Both offer robust solutions for file recovery without the need for financial outlay. Let’s examine how these tools align with our earlier discussion, offering a seamless transition from paid to free recovery options.


select drive in photorec

PhotoRec is a standout choice for individuals looking to retrieve GoPro files without spending. This application bypasses the file system to directly recover files from the storage media, making it a potent ally in your recovery efforts.

  • Extensive File Format Support: PhotoRec can handle a broad spectrum of data types, including GoPro’s MP4 and JPEG files, ensuring that your footage is recoverable, even when it seem lost.
  • Risk-free recovery process: Operating in a read-only mode, PhotoRec eliminates the risk of overwriting existing data during the recovery process, offering a secure path to regain access to your files.
  • Accessible to all users: While it operates through a command-line interface, which might initially appear challenging, PhotoRec is supported by an extensive range of online guides and community forums. These resources are designed to assist users through the recovery process, making it a viable option for everyone.


Run TestDisk for partition recovery on macOS

For scenarios that involve more than just file deletion, such as corrupted memory cards or lost partitions, TestDisk provides a powerful, free solution aimed at restoring lost partitions and reviving SD cards that won’t boot.

  • Robust recovery capabilities: TestDisk is particularly effective in situations where a memory card seems beyond recovery, offering a lifeline for lost partitions and files.
  • Support for various file systems: Its compatibility with numerous file systems makes TestDisk a versatile choice for addressing a range of recovery challenges.
  • Geared towards the tech-savvy: TestDisk’s command-line interface may require a bit of technical know-how, but its comprehensive documentation and active user community provide valuable support for navigating the recovery process.


Yes, you can recover deleted footage from a GoPro if you act quickly before the deleted items have been overwritten by new data. Immediately remove the memory card from the camera if you suspect there has been any data loss. Once you have recovered the lost data, you can reuse the card as long as it is not damaged.
Yes, you can recover data from a formatted GoPro memory card if a quick format has been performed. This type of formatting deleted the logical links to data previously on the card but does not physically remove the files. They can be retrieved with data recovery software like Disk Drill.

You can recover permanently deleted videos from a GoPro on Mac using the following procedure and Disk Drill data recovery software.

  1. Download and install Disk Drill for Mac.
  2. Connect the SD card to your computer.
  3. Start Disk Drill and scan the memory card.
  4. Evaluate the scan and select videos to be recovered.
  5. Click the Recover button and choose a safe location for the recovered data.

You can recover files deleted from your GoPro for free by restoring from previously created backup media. To use this method, you must regularly back up the data on your GoPro’s memory card. Creating backups is considered to be a best practice for protecting your valuable data.

If you don’t have a backup available, you might want to try a free software tool like PhotoRec. This solution employs a command-line interface and is not as intuitive as Disk Drill. You some knowledge of your filesystem to use the tool effectively, but may be able to recover your lost files for free.

The minimum requirement for HERO10 and HERO11 GoPros is to use a microSD card with a v30 or UHS-3 rating. GoPro recommends these cards for use in their cameras:

  • SanDisk: Extreme, Extreme PLUS, and Extreme PRO Series;
  • Lexar: FLY Series and Professional 1066x Silver Series;
  • PNY: Elite-X, Premier-X, and PRO Elite Series;
  • Samsung: EVO Plus, EVO Select, PRO Plus Series;
  • Gigastone: 4K Camera Pro Series:
  • Amazon Basics;
  • ADATA: High Endurance, and Premiere Pro Series;
  • Kingston: Canvas Go! Plus Series.

Information on older cameras is available from this GoPro web page.


You probably use your GoPro to take videos of experiences that are not easily duplicated. The last thing you want is to lose the videos of an amazing ski trip or underwater adventure. But as with all devices that digitally store information, unexpected data loss can occur. When that happens, you need a reliable and simple recovery method.

We’ve shown you that in most cases, you can easily recover lost SD card data from your GoPro with Disk Drill. You can download the tool for free and scan your card to see what files the software can recover. Then just upgrade to the Pro version of the tool to perform the recovery.

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